Industrial & Product Design

• Design of products or parts of products according to the proposals and requirements.

2D to 3D Conversion & CAD Drafting

• Converting 2D sketches and drawings to accurate 3D models or make drawings and documentation from 3D models.

3D CAD Modeling / Rendering

• Possibility of making simple or complex models using SolidWorks, Creo, AutoCAD, NURBS, Surfacing and renderings all the way to photorealistic images for advertising and other publications.

Idea Creation / Product Design

• Product design from the ground up. Knowledge in making beautiful products and easiest way to manufacture them.

3D Models for CNC & 3D Printing

• Turning your projects into 3D Printable model or customized for CNC machine cutting.

Graphic Design & Technical Publications

• Product Catalogues, Logos, Product Artwork, Brochures, Adverts and Flyers. Background in Engineering practices along with Graphic Design to create beautiful and technically accurate documentation.